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Seasonal Eating: August Guide

It's August! Summer is in full swing and this hot, humid weather has me craving raw, refreshing veggies. Good thing there are plenty in season to choose from!

If you are curious about why seasonal eating is a great option, go check out my June guide here.

What's in season this month:

+ Apples

+ Beans

+ Beets

+ Blueberries

+ Cantaloupe

+ Carrots

+ Chard

+ Cherries

+ Cucumber

+ Eggplant

+ Fennel

+ Green Beans

+ Kale

+ Lima Beans

+ Nectarines

+ Oregano

+ Parsley

+ Peaches

+ Peas

+ Peppers

+ Raspberries

+ Squash

+ Sweet Corn

+ Tomatoes

+ Watermelon

+ Zucchini

*This list is for the Mid-Atlantic US region where I live. What's in season varies from region to region. The best place to see what’s in season in your area is to go to your local farmers market and check out what’s there!

Recipe ideas

Now that you know what is in season this month, here is some inspiration to get you cooking!

+ Minty Pea Quinoa Salad from Clean and Delicious

+ Grilled Eggplant from Every Last Bite

+ Roasted beet and beet green salad from the Food Network

+ Cherry Pie Bars from Ambitious Kitchen

I hope this inspired you to fill your plate with more foods that are in season. I post each month what fruits and veggies are in season so check back here to find out what’s in store for September!

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