• Emily Calley

Creating Balance in your Gut, Part 2: Balanced Lifestyle

Part 1 was all about the importance of a clean diet for your gut. This week let's talk about your lifestyle choices.

Some of our lifestyle choices can put a strain on our gut. Lack of sleep, too much alcohol, not enough exercise, all these things can cause an imbalance of the good and bad gut bacteria. It's easy to make small changes to support your gut though!

  1. Get Plenty of Sleep Try to get 7-9 hours every night and aim to go to bed around the same time each night.

  2. Lower your Stress Levels Take time for self care, meditate, spend time with loved ones, and limit screen time.

  3. Move your Body Exercise doesn’t need to be a hour-long sweat sesh in the gym. You can take a walk, practice yoga, or go for a run, whatever movement feels right for you.

  4. Meals Avoid eating on the go or in the car. Take the time to sit down and eat slowly without distractions like TV or your phone.

Challenge for the Week: Evaluate your routine, see what areas you can improve on. Pick one or two areas to focus on and implement them for a week straight. Take note of how you feel with these small changes.

Check back in for Part Three!

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